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RubyMine Kusunoki EAP: IDE Look and Feel Improvements

Hello everyone, Today we’re one step closer to RubyMine 8 release as the next RubyMine Kusunoki EAP build 143.90 is ready to download and try. We continue our series of blog posts about the major new features of the upcoming RubyMine release: … Continue reading

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RubyMine Kusunoki EAP: New UI for Testing

Hello everyone, Monday may not be your favourite day of the week, but we hope our weekly EAP builds make Mondays a little more pleasant for you. Welcome the next RubyMine Kusunoki EAP build 142.4675. We continue our series of … Continue reading

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RubyMine 7.1: Puppet Improvements, Better JavaScript and CoffeeScript, and More

Hello everyone, Today is a wonderful spring day, perfect for some good news: RubyMine 7.1 is finally out! Download and try it at your leisure. This release is focused on better integration with Puppet for managing project infrastructure, while also … Continue reading

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RubyMine 4 Beta Update: Rails 3.2 Support and Other Improvements

Hello everyone, The closer to release date, the more excitement we feel. And it is approaching day by day! In the meantime we are basically focused on cleaning and polishing. Still there are some new features we want to share with you. So please … Continue reading

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New Year’s Eve with New RubyMine 4 EAP!

New Year is coming! We’re licking our chops to make the next significant release at the first quarter of 2012. And in these last days of the year we want to make a small gift to farewell the old year.  We are glad to announce the last … Continue reading

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RubyMine 4.0 Early Access is Open

Hello everyone, Today we are glad to announce that the RubyMine 4.0 EAP is open. There are loads of major and minor improvements compared to 3.2.x versions. Let us just mention some most important ones: Performance. We’ve reworked a significant … Continue reading

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RubyMine 3.2.4 — fighting for performance

We’ve just made another RubyMine update available — RubyMine 3.2.4. The main reason of the update is improved IDE performance. The improvements are made in Ruby specific functionality and also in the underlying IntelliJ Platform: memory footprint reduced for indexing JavaScript … Continue reading

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Want cleaner UI and more effective workspace in RubyMine?

Some time ago we showed a quick video on how to make RubyMine UI clean and lightweight if you prefer it this way. With RubyMine 3.2 there’s a new option available which you should consider. You may have noticed a … Continue reading

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Lightweight project navigation with Navigation Bar

If you, like me, like the minimalistic UI, you’ve definitely hidden the toolbar and customized the RubyMine as you prefer. Here is one thing you may like as well — Navigation Bar. It is hidden by default in RubyMine. You … Continue reading

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RubyMine TipCast: customize IDE UI beyond recognition in 2 mins

We, software developing kind, are very demanding to customization abilities of the tools we use daily. There is almost no way a vendor can create a UI that will please all. And RubyMine, being a complex tool with lots of … Continue reading

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