RubyMine 1.5 EAP update with Shoulda, new refactorings and more

The time since the last RubyMine EAP update was not waisted and the new build 1347 adds lots of new things. Here’s the selected list of changes:

  • Shoulda support with coding assistance and test runner UI
  • Improved Ruby support inside HAML
  • New refactorings: Pull Up / Push Down members (expect more in the next update)
  • Spell checker plugin bundled
  • Support for method type annotation: # :return:=> Type
  • RubyMine Extensions manager added (in IDE Settings). Extensions can register menu items for editor actions (by default under Tools | Extensions)
  • Cucumer Formatter and quickfix to create Cucumber step definition for unresolved step
  • New icons for *.rb, *_spec.rb, *_test.rb and *_steps.rb Ruby files

Read full Release Notes.

Download RubyMine EAP and participate with your feedback.

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4 Responses to RubyMine 1.5 EAP update with Shoulda, new refactorings and more

  1. Pjero says:

    Still no SASS support :( .

  2. jonald says:

    ack! all of my settings have been reset to the default!

  3. @Pjero: please vote for these two issues about SASS in our issue tracker to make them prioritized: and

    @jonald: Please read more here: You can now export/import settings as described at

  4. Oleg Shpynov says:

    Sass support will be finally available in coming EAP!

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