RubyMine 1.5 EAP (build 1421)

It’s been a while since the last EAP update. But that build was good enough to give us some time to make lots of new things. Read full release notes to see what we’ve done. Here is the selected items:
RubyMine 1.5 refactorings

  • Rails I18n support
  • Extract Superclass, Extract Module and Inline Local refactorings added
  • Duplicate code search in Ruby
  • Improvements in Cucumber scenarios editing and running
  • Reworked YAML editing and parsing, plus a new YAML Structure view added. (We also extracted YAML plugin for making it available in Web IDE)
  • Rails Mailers support: navigation markers for switching between mailer methods and associated templates
  • and more…

Download RubyMine 1.5 EAP build 1421 and submit your feedback.

From our RubyMine 1.5 roadmap it looks as we are very close to release. Stay tuned!

-JetBrains RubyMine Team

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