RubyMine issues migrate to YouTrack, JetBrains’ new issue tracker

We already mentioned YouTrack, the new bug and issue tracker JetBrains is developing. During this week many our projects/products and their issues have migrated to this new system.

As usual, we encourage you to report bugs or feature requests to Ruby project and vote for existing issues to get them released sooner.

YouTrack 1.0, currently in beta stage, provides the following advantages over competition:

  • Keyboard-centric approach lets you use easy shortcuts for major operations, including creating, modifying, and searching for issues. (Read more.)
  • Query-based search with intelligent query completion helps you find (and save) any set of issues in seconds, across projects. (Read more.)
  • Powerful commands enable you to batch-modify multiple selected issues, including fixing, specifying priority, types, writing comments etc. (Read more.)

The following resources should help you get used to YouTrack:

And if you spot a problem or a bug in YouTrack, just file appropriate request right there into the ‘YouTrack’ project. Convenient? You are welcome to discuss YouTrack with its developers on YouTrack discussion forum.

YouTrack is also used to track issues in other JetBrains products, including IntelliJ IDEA, TeamCity, dotTrace, MPS, and Web IDE.

You can download YouTrack beta as a JAR or WAR distribution, and try it out in your own environment.

YouTrack 1.0 final release is scheduled for autumn. Watch YouTrack blog for latest news and tips.

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