RubyMine TipCast: Find Files like a Pro

RubyMine provides numerous options to navigate from file to file:

  • ‘Go to declaration’ (⌘B/Ctrl+B)
  • Navigate to Rails… (⌥ ⇧ N/Alt+Shift+N)
  • ⌘ Mouse Click/Ctrl+Mouse Click or mouse middle button click
  • and many others.

But sometimes you just need to open a particular file that you know. Ob course, you can open if from the Project view but there is a much faster way — the ‘Go to file’ ⌘⇧N/Ctrl+Shift+N.

The ‘Go to file’ is plain simple, but has some advanced features we’d like to show today. To make the presentation more interactive, here is a short video (view in a new window):

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We’d like to know what you want to see in the Tipcast series. Please let us know in the comments.

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