Keep up-to-date with Ruby news and get RubyMine discounts

It’s a good habit to keep up-to-date with technology news. Among numerous technical blogs, magazines, podcasts and screencasts, there’s a great selection of quality periodic media for Ruby and Rails developers.

We, as a software vendor, keep abreast of the trends and also encourage selected publications by sponsoring them.

Lately we sponsored a few episodes of Ruby 5 podcast, a short but informative and entertaining collection of news produced by guys from Envy Labs. The fresh Issue #5 of Rails Magazine was also partly sponsored by JetBrains RubyMine.

In addition to helping the media, we also want to reward the audience and to this effect we are offering some product discounts there. Go and check out the above resources — catch up on the news and find a “…% off” to save some coin.

It pays to be on the cutting edge!

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