Edit HTML injected inside JavaScript literals

It often happens that we need to edit HTML code inside JavaScript literals. And most of the time it is something involving trial-and-error and not too pleasant in result. But not within RubyMine!

Here is a simple string…

But once you add '<' inside it, it becomes a superstring more than just a string and if you hit Ctrl+Space, you can see the difference. Yes, you get all HTML code assistance inside a JS literal!

You can of course complete tag attributes…

and you have anything else you’d expect…

…including code completion, quick documentation, and navigation for HTML, CSS and even JavaScript inside JavaScript literals.

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Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains Team

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5 Responses to Edit HTML injected inside JavaScript literals

  1. Great!
    The next step would be probably JavaScript inside of the string literals in Ruby, or JavaScript itself. That would nicely work for CouchDB views and alike http://wiki.apache.org/couchdb/HTTP_view_API?action=show&redirect=HttpViewApi

  2. Henning Koch says:

    Boy did RubyMine creep me out when it warned me of a mismatched pair of HTML tags inside a Javascript String. I called a coworker over and was all like RubyMine can’t know that, can it?.

  3. @Evgeniy: Right, and we definitely are thinking about it. Thanks!

    @Henning: A great story! Thanks! :)

  4. GeekyCoder says:

    Will this useful feature be added in Intellij’s ruby plugin as well ?

  5. @GeekyCoder: sure! This feature is available in IntelliJ IDEA by default.

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