RubyMine 96.552 is here

Hello guys, today we are happy to announce RubyMine 2.5 EAP build 96.552. What’s in?

  • Leaner CSS (LESS) support. More details are available here
  • Magnifier mode for diagram
  • RSpec 2 support
  • Better Rails 3 support
  • Mac OS UI Improvements
    • Native Open file/directory dialog
    • Status Bar is more Mac-style
    • Improved Selection highlighting in trees
    • Red dotted highlighting for spelling errors
  • New lightweight scrollbars
  • Java Heap Memory monitor is hidden by default

Go and try, as usual we are looking forward to hearing the feedback!
What’s coming? Sassy CSS support, code coverage and much more!

P.S. Full release notes are available here.
P.P.S . This build is dedicated to RubyMine’s QA engineer Ann Povergo.

Develop with pleasure!
-JetBrains RubyMine Team

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17 Responses to RubyMine 96.552 is here

  1. That magnifying feature looks awesome.

    I thought that it would be nice to have a kind of compact representation of the model view, where you don’t see all the data. Maybe you’ll see fields in a continuous line, like a paragraph, with no types, so that you can see each model bigger and still get some info.

    Wasn’t scss support already included in 96.552?

  2. Oleg Shpynov says:

    @J. Pablo, not yet, but coming soon. However less is already there :)

  3. LeNsTR says:

    Thanks for the
    – Mac OS UI Improvements
    – New lightweight scrollbars

    Looks great!

  4. Oleg, yes, I messed up the release number, sorry.

  5. Trung says:

    Can you add multiple directory mapping for remote debugging?

    Right now, it only knows how to map the ROOT directory to the remote server’s ROOT directory. So it doesn’t know the frame stack of anything outside the remote ROOT directory. It’s very hard to debug without seeing the stack trace of external libraries.


  6. Trung says:

    Another wishlist is the ability to run/debug ruby script on a remote server.

    At our shop, our rails code live inside a virtual machine, and we access it via NFS/samba mount drive.

    While we can edit the code using RubyMine via the mount drive, but the code actually execute inside the virtual machine.

    So to run a Rspec file for example, we would have to SSH into the virtual machine and issue a command to run it manually.

    I wish there was a way that we can just right click on the Rspec file and select Run on Remote Server, and RubyMine will automatically ssh into the remote server and execute the code.


  7. Oleg Shpynov says:


    Feel free to submit corresponding issues at

  8. Trung says:

    @Oleg Done

    RUBY-6401 and RUBY-6402

    I’ll dream about those two features. We will be purchasing a site license for our shop very soon. :)

  9. PandaWood says:

    I don’t understand the lightweight scrollbars.
    To me it just seems thinner and therefore harder to see and grab and keep hold of… what exactly is the advantage of having these “lightweight scrollbars”? Or what problem is it solving?

  10. Chuck says:

    Is there a way to disable the lightweight scrollbars in favor of the standard scroll bars of the interface? They are so lightweight that they are difficult to find and see. Furthermore, there are no arrows, so one must find the thumb area to scroll a couple lines.

  11. yole says:

    There is no option to disable the lightweight scrollbars. When designing the scrollbars, we assumed that the most convenient way to scroll a couple of lines, even with a regular scrollbar, is to use the mouse wheel or the touchpad scrolling feature, rather than to click on the arrow buttons on the scrollbar.

  12. Eric says:

    @yole – you’re right… it’s much easier to scroll a couple of lines with a scroll wheel or the touchpad scrolling feature. But a lot of us don’t have touchpads that scroll. Because of this, 10 has been a huge downgrade from 9 in terms of usability.

  13. Joe says:

    You need to add some way to put the thumbs back on for the scrollbar – I really use the thumbs to move a single line at a time – a lot. I don’t want to jump multiple lines unless I click off the thumbs. Please put thumbs back – or I’ll be forced to downgrade back to 9.

    Also, from a UI persepective – the scrollbar is kinda hard to see – and kinda get lost when you have a java screen open and there are many artifacts for changes/errors, etc.

    All I do is UIs – and from what I can see – I’d never add this component to any of my software.

    Please add a way to revert back to standard Java style scrollbars if so desired – add it as a setting – should be no big deal.

  14. Lawrence says:

    If I have to continually turn the scroll while on my mouse I develop cramps. Being able to move between different methods of scrolling help avoid repetitive motion injury, which is very real to many of us who have been doing this stuff for more than a few years.

    I also noticed something real annoying. If I am editing a section of the file and grab the scroll bar to move around and then use the up or down arrow key to fine grain my position I revert back to the part of the file I was editing before I grabbed the scroll bar!

    Would it be *that* hard to just put the top and bottom arrows on the scroll bar and chock this up as a simple misunderstanding of your customer’s needs that you adjusted for once you had some feedback?

  15. ToneDeF says:

    I agree with the other posters. The new light-weight are not doing it for me — to small to grab, and too small to see clearly. Please add an option to revert back to the version 9 scrollbars. Thank you!

  16. ToneDeF says:

    I agree with the other posters. The new light-weight scrollbars are not doing it for me — too small to grab, and too small to see clearly. Please add an option to revert back to the version 9 scrollbars. Thank you!

  17. user1 says:

    I agree as well.
    I can no longer scroll. My laptop has a scroll feature, but it does not work when I log in remotely from home to my work machine.
    Please give an option to get normal scroll bar.
    If I need to use both hands and do precision work just to scroll al line or two this software becomes quite annoying (being very very useful otherwise)

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