Deployment from RubyMine. Sync files via FTP/SFTP, etc.

RubyMine 3.2 comes with a new plugin bundled — “Remote Host Access”.

The plugin’s main feature is to allow you quickly upload your files from the IDE to a remote or local server or a mapped network drive.

You can find the options under the Tools | Deployment menu.

The functionality is pretty straightforward: you need to configure a “remote host” for your project (or several with one being the default) and then you can:

  • Upload file(s) to a remote host on demand
  • Auto-upload file to the default remote host on file save
  • Browse remote host
  • Download file from a remote host
  • Compare local and remote file

Two additional tool-windows appear once you start using the deployment:

  • File Transfer shows the log of all transfer operations
  • Remote Host allows to browse the remote host

If you find this new functionality useful, try it and let us know what you think. It was originally developed for RubyMine’s sister IDE PhpStorm and we are sure there are still ways to make it more helpful for Ruby/Rails projects. We need your input!

Develop with pleasure!
The JetBrains RubyMine Team

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11 Responses to Deployment from RubyMine. Sync files via FTP/SFTP, etc.

  1. Maxim says:

    If it works it is a very very cool.

  2. Brendon McLean says:

    With Ruby being such an opinionated product, and capistrano being the “current opinion” on how to deploy, I wonder how many people will use this? I’m sure your usage stats thing will tell.

  3. @Brendon: thanks for the feedback, Brendon. Yes, we realize it and that’s why we’ve included the plugin without many changes now, to get the stats and the feedback.

  4. Rafael says:

    I think capistrano would be the better choice, I won’t use it at all cause of using capistrano.
    I think it is still the most flexible and suitable solution to deploy with capistrano.

  5. Oleg Shpynov says:

    @Rafael, feel free to vote for the capistrano support:

  6. McNaz says:

    +1 to Cap

  7. Alain Ravet says:

    Not to rain on your parade guys but what a waste of time:
    nobody in the Rails world deploys an app with ftp, and this brings extra bloat in the menus.

  8. Fred says:

    Wow, a lot of negative comments. Seriously guys, get your head out of your butt – not everyone has the ability to dictate how they access a site. Not all ruby powered sites use Rails either. Sometimes all you have is FTP (or SFTP if your client’s host has any sense) access and the ability to quickly download/upload in the editor is a blessing.

    Yes, on my own projects I can use capistrano or passenger for Rails, but I work in the real world where there are some ugly setups and that is not possible. Until I can show them the error of their ways and help get set up in a more professional manner, that is.

    Nice feature, use it often where I have to, just wish I didn’t have too sometimes :)

  9. Mike says:

    I think it’s a great addition – sure there are other ways of distributing stuff, but frankly one extra menu item is worth the feature. Also very useful for those projects where I use RubyMine but am developing pure web stuff.

  10. FurryMoses says:

    It’s exactly what I need when I’m working on a HTML-only project using RubyMine.
    However, I don’t understand how to get it working.

    I’ve configured a remote host, tested it – the menu item “Browse Remote Host” works , I can see my remote files within RubyMine and everything looks good.

    But all the menus items on the “Deployment” menu above configure are disabled. So I can’t upload, download or anything.

    No idea why.
    I read the manual, googled to get here. Still don’t understand it.

    • Tatiana Vasilyeva says:

      Please go to Tools | Deployment | Configuration and check Deployment path on the ‘Mappings’ tab for your server.

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