RubyMine 3.2.2 bugfix update available, Lion compatible

So, we’ve just pushed another update to RubyMine 3.2 — version 3.2.2. You can download it from our web site.

There are not so many changes, but all are quite important. Our main goal was to fix the most critical IDE performance and gems management issues. See the full list of changes.

We are sorry if you had problems with RubyMine 3.2. Thanks for you patience and we hope they are resolved now with this update.

Also we receive reports that RubyMine works fine on the fresh Mac OS X 10.7 “Lion” released yesterday by Apple. You just need to download Java runtime, which the operating system suggests and does automatically.

Develop with pleasure!
The JetBrains RubyMine Team

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40 Responses to RubyMine 3.2.2 bugfix update available, Lion compatible

  1. erwann says:

    Good job! I still have the “Failed to load remote gems” error but CPU seems ok for now

  2. erwann says:

    Argh, scanning for gem requirements is till there

  3. Scott Smith says:

    The code reformatting is fixed. You guys rock!

  4. Ilias says:

    Scanning for gem requirements still there.
    When a file is open, the “eye” remains visible all the time, without ever turning Green, Amber or Red.
    CPU is still going 50%, 60%, 70% and fall again to 5-6%, and then again the same. Like a never ending cycle.

    The only improvement is that IDE does not freeze anymore.

    I also confirm the existence of the “Failed to load remote gems” error” (3 times), with no obvious reason, when the Rails project opens.

  5. Pascal says:

    Why the size is less than half it was before ?

    Nice! But what changed ?


  6. Ahto says:

    Someone should test how rubymine works on the new MacBook Air i7. I would switch my laptop in an instant if it is fast enough :)

  7. Dennis.Ushakov says:

    @erwann, @Ilias please see for “Failed to load remote gems” issue. “Scanning for gems” is should only happen when editing Gemfile

  8. Sergei says:

    I am also observing this: When a file is open, the “eye” remains visible all the time, without ever turning Green, Amber or Red.
    CPU is still going 50%, 60%, 70% and fall again to 5-6%, and then again the same. Like a never ending cycle.

    I addition to that, code analysis never completes so things like “Go to definition” do not work.

  9. Sergei says:

    Re: stuck inspections reported above: I was able to clear this out by removing RM cached data with ‘rm ~/.RubyMine32/system -rf’. After that, it was able to complete the process and now works as normal.

  10. Doug Puchalski says:

    Performance is worse than 3.2.1 for me. Beach balls abound, mostly when I try to open a context menu. Possibly worst in specs.

  11. Matthew McEachen says:

    Command-clicking on classes is broken in 3.2.2 (on Mac OS X 10.6.8).

  12. Drew says:

    I’m not sure RubyMine really is Lion compatible. Code inspection is not working for Ruby code and I see the following error repeated in the rubymine log:

    2011-07-21 19:15:38,304 [ 24220] ERROR – aemon.impl.PassExecutorService – Failed to bind stub to AST for element class org.jetbrains.plugins.ruby.ruby.lang.psi.impl.variables.fields.RInstanceVariableImpl in /Users/drew/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.8.7-tv1_8_7_174/lib/ruby/1.8/test/unit/util/observable.rb
    File stub tree:
    org.jetbrains.plugins.r …

    Loaded file AST:
    Ruby file
    PsiComment(line comment)(‘#–‘)
    PsiComment(line comment)(‘#’)
    PsiComment(line comment)(‘# Author:: Nathaniel Talbott.’)
    PsiComment(line comment)(‘# Copyright:: Copyright (c) 2000-2002 Nathaniel Talbott. All rights reserved.’)
    PsiComment(line comment)(‘# License:: Ruby license.’)
    Compound statement
    List of expressions
    Single quoted like string
    PsiElement(single quoted like string beginning)(”’)
    PsiElement(string content)(‘test/unit/util/procwrapper’)
    PsiElement(string end)(”’)
    PsiElement(end of line)(‘n’)
    Ruby:Class Name
    PsiElement(end of line)(‘n’)
    Body statement
    Compound statement
    Ruby:Class Name
    PsiElement(constant)(‘Unit’) …

  13. marc says:

    the code completion is not working anymore, when I press ctrl + space it doesn’t give me any option for completing the code as it was doing before

  14. Krzysztof Zalewski says:

    Great bugfix :/

    Code completion – not working
    Documentation lookup – not working
    Go to declaration/definition – not working

    Great work guys! :/

  15. Ahto says:

    3.2.2 is totally unusable for me. freezes way too often. went back to 3.2.1.

  16. Dennis.Ushakov says:

    @Drew, @marc, @Krzysztof, @Ahto, please send me your idea.log (Help | Reveal log in …) to dennis.ushakov at

  17. Dennis.Ushakov says:

    Does running File | Invalidate caches help?

  18. Ahto says:

    I think the invalidation worked. doesn’t freeze when trying to do code completion or Go to declaration/definition. Testing some more soon.

    Thanks for the tip.

  19. Ashley Snowdon says:

    Not sure where the best place to ask this (I’ve tried tweeting @rubymine, but no reply as of yet).

    How can I configure generations to automatically add to Subversion (or another VCS) so I can commit them straight away?

  20. Nicholas Johnson says:

    I can confirm it works on Lion. It would be great if it supported Lion full screen mode, that would rock.

  21. Drew says:

    Invalidating the cache completely fixed the problem, thanks guys! No more java errors and code completion / documentation lookup / Go to declaration/definition is all working again.

  22. Alex says:

    Netbeans user looking to switch to RubyMine following OS X Lion install. Holding off purchase until I see these issues are resolved!

  23. Justin says:

    Reverting back to 3.2.1 did not fix the code completion problem for me. Has anyone else figured out a way around this?

  24. Christopher G says:

    My license key doesn’t work anymore on 3.2.2. I bought it in December 2010, for RubyMine 3.0.

  25. Falk says:

    Still no recognition & syntax-highlighting of localized cucumber-features…

    # language: de
    # encoding: utf-8

    Funktionalität: Tolle Funktionalität


  26. Rafael says:

    Still get this errors (3 times):

    Failed to load remote gems
    /Users/rafael/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/spec_fetcher.rb:166: stack level too deep (SystemStackError) Please check proxy settings and gem urls

  27. dgt says:

    same problem here: Failed to load remote gems

  28. James says:

    Code completion inside SASS files does not work in 3.2.2 even after invalidating caches. Does work in 3.1.x on the same file.

  29. mech says:

    I also got this.. Errors (3)

    Failed to load remote gem Stack level too deep

  30. Tor says:

    Nice that the most aggravating performance problems from 3.2 was fixed. I still get freezes but far less frequent than with 3.2.1.

  31. Scott Smith says:

    With the latest version, 107.466, I still get the stack level too deep (SystemStackError) error but only on Ruby 1.9.2p180. I found this out accidentally when I, for other reasons, backed my project out from Ruby 1.9.2 back to Ruby 1.8.7. Under 1.8.7, everything works fine.

    Other details you might be interested in:

    osx 10.6.8
    java version 1.6.0_26
    Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_26-b03-384-10M3425)
    Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 20.1-b02-384, mixed mode)

  32. CB Genrich says:

    I’m getting the “stack level too deep” problem as well, and with 1.9.2p180. I found this page via Google of that message, and was hoping to read that 3.2.2 fixed it. Instead the hit shows it hasn’t been resolved.

  33. Michael Morett says:

    Yup. Me too. I’m getting the “stack level too deep” problem as well, and with 1.9.2p180.

  34. Brian Takita says:

    Congrats, looks like another stream of improvements.
    It’s freezing when I use GoTo definition, though.

  35. Turadg says:

    The SystemStackError is a bug in RubyGems under Ruby 1.9. It was fixed in RubyGems 1.8.6 released on 2011-07-25. To get it run:
    gem update –system

    More at:

  36. tim says:

    Turadg, I get

    gem update –system
    Updating installed gems
    Nothing to update

    then the “stack level too deep” problem as well with 1.9.2p180.

  37. Bruno Braga says:

    The correct command to be issued is:
    gem update —system

    Works as expected, notice the double hyphen.

  38. Bruno Braga says:

    Somehow the blog commenting system is removing the double hyphen from the gem update command…

  39. ArnoNyhm says:

    Yep, I confirm Bruno’s tip (tnx, Bruno!):

    This is a new problem with Ruby 1.9.2 (I have 1.8.7 in parallel and when I switch forth and back with “pik” between those versions, it is only 1.9.2 causing that error message).
    I issued a “gem update –system” (with two “-” that is) and magic -it works!

  40. Thea Nielsen says:

    Got it working but I’m still getting a few freezing errors…

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