RubyMine “Nire” Early Access is Open

Hello everyone,

I’m glad to announce the next RubyMine version called “Nire” is accessible within Early Access Program. The codename comes from Japanese name of the elm tree. The release will be available in July but you can try all the new features in the first flight and we will tune them for the release based on your feedback.

Please welcome the new features!

  • Capistrano is now supported with syntax and error highlighting, code completion, structure view and tasks running directly from the IDE.
  • You can manage Ruby versions using pik and rbenv. RubyMine automatically detects Ruby interpreters and configures SDK’s accordingly.
  • We’ve got more then 50 votes for Slim support request. So please try the cutting-edge template language with a syntax highlighting in RubyMine.
  • Work on your stylesheets with Sass support including code insight and

Find more details and screenshots in the release notes. Please follow the tag “Nire” to read about the next release version in our blog. We will be posting about new features during the summer, stay with us.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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7 Responses to RubyMine “Nire” Early Access is Open

  1. erik says:

    PLEASE lower the memory usage, it takes 800mb to run, that’s a lot! :(

  2. Rami Grosman says:

    When do you plan to add the engines support? Until now RubyMine was a perfect tool for our company but now we have a huge project with several engines and it makes things harder with rubymine.


  3. Wes Gamble says:

    Static analysis seems to be having problems.

    The ActiveRelation “where” method is being flagged as not valid on all of my ActiveRecord models.

    I’ve gotten on NullPointerException on the static code analysis.

  4. Victor says:


    Am I right assuming that 4.0.3 can’t update itself to 4.5 and I have to download the full install, remove 403 and install 4.5?

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