Early Access Program Features

RubyMine Momiji Roadmap

Hello everyone,

First, we want thank you all for the feedback regarding the latest RubyMine, we hope our recent changes really help you develop iOS and OS X applications with pleasure. But life goes on and we keep on moving forward to make RubyMine an even better place to code.

So please welcome the roadmap for the next version which is codenamed Momiji. At the moment there are two major focuses of this upcoming release: improving Ruby support and performance optimization.

As for other changes, they will include:

  • Multiple projects support;
  • Zeus integration;
  • Chef support;
  • New refactorings: Extract class and Find duplicates for Extract Method;
  • General code insight improvements;
  • Remote interpreters support improvements, and more.

Stay tuned not to miss the EAP launch!

As a part of our performance improvements we’re moving Ruby extensions for RubyMine from the core to a plugin. If you’re using any non-builtin scripts in Settings | Extensions, please contact us.

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