RubyMine 5.4.3: RubyMotion is All Around

Hello everyone,

As far as you know starting with version 5 RubyMine is not only Ruby and Rails IDE, but RubyMotion IDE as well. Since then we’ve met a lot of people being excited about developing iOS apps with RubyMine. We’ve also got a lot of feedback on the Dennis’s talk at RubyMotion #inspect and on Andrey’s workshop at #iOSonRailsConf. Recently  RubyMotion went 2.0 and got a bunch of new features including OS X support.

Today we are glad to announce that starting from version 5.4.3 RubyMine provides full support for developing with RubyMotion in a more productive manner with such features as code completion, quick-fixes and syntax highlighting. You can also run, test and debug your applications both on simulator and device. Here is a full list of all the new fixes.

Take a look at this tutorial to learn more on RubyMotion support in RubyMine. And feel free to upgrade to the latest version either using ‘Check for updates’ from RubyMine’s main menu or by downloading and installing the latest build.

Please don’t forget to let us know about any issues you might be facing via RubyMine issue tracker.

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