RubyMine Momiji EAP: Build 132.104

Hello everyone,

Please welcome the new RubyMine Momiji EAP build!

Apart from several important bugfixes this update introduces Stylus parsing improvements and doubled execution speed for Ruby 2.0 debugger.

Take a look at the release notes and grab the RubyMine Momiji EAP build 132.104. Please don’t forget to let us know about any bugs and requests via issue tracker.

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2 Responses to RubyMine Momiji EAP: Build 132.104

  1. freeman says:

    Hi! How do I enable multiply projects support – cannot find it in 132.104 build – when I try to open second project, it opens on in new winodw, or instead of the current one – just as it was usually in 5.4 version

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