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Please Welcome RubyMine 6.0.3

Hello everyone,

Today we are happy to announce availability of RubyMine 6.0.3!

RubyMine 6.0.3 is a minor update that contains a set of fixes for code completion and debugging with Ruby 2.1.0 and introduces improved support for remote interpreters.

See the full list of fixes and use “Check for Updates…” to download and install the update as a patch to your existing RubyMine installation. You can also download RubyMine 6.0.3 from our website.

Debug Ruby with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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2 Responses to Please Welcome RubyMine 6.0.3

  1. RubyMine 6.0.3リリース | JetBrains ブログ says:

    January 21, 2014

    […] 原文 This entry was posted in RubyMine. Bookmark the permalink. ← WebStorm 8 EAPの提供開始 […]

  2. Avatar

    Obox says:

    February 1, 2014

    I’m currently using Rubymine and finding it a great Rails IDE.

    Two suggestions ( or questions, as the functionality may already exist )
    1) When in routes.rb it would be useful to click on a route definition and be taken to the relevant controller. CTRL-B works for this everywhere else except in routes.rb.

    e.g. if there is a route defined to match ‘users#new’ to navigate to the ‘new’ method in the UsersController.

    2) I like to comment code abundantly for future reference, but most of the time comments just takes screen space.

    Is there a way to toggle between showing/hiding code comments in the IDE , so that more code can be seen at once during general use ?

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