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RubyConf Brasil 2014 License Winners Announcement

Hello everyone,

Our visit to Brazil was really great. It was definitely worth the 16-hour flight, crossing the floor of the globe. We were so heartily met with all the Brazilian hospitality and warmth! And we still remember the taste of all the amazing local dishes we’ve tried.

Everything started with a crazy devbeers party where we’ve got a chance to talk to so many developers. That was really cool. Thanks everyone who was there and made the evening:

The next day the conference started, and it met all our expectations. We were very excited to meet the local Ruby community. There were lots of interesting talks and lots of RubyMine demos:

On Saturday we left to Sorocaba to take part in a DOJO session. Everything seemed to go well, and the attendees were glad to try RubyMine as an IDE during the session:

In Sorocaba we finally had some rest after the rough conference days and crazy São Paulo rhythm of life and all the traffic, you know. Guilherme, thank you and your family so much for the wonderful evening!

Now, let’s get back to the license raffle we ran during the conference and the Sorocaba meet-up. We’re finally ready to announce the 11 lucky personal license winners. The applicants’ names for the draw came from the contacts left on the tablet. Ten licenses were chosen among the conference attendees and one from the DOJO session members. As a representative of Fortune, there was a simple RubyMotion app that randomly chose the following names:







If you left your contact on the tablet and didn’t win a license, you still get a 60% discount. A personal message will be sent to each of the applicants with the details on how to obtain their free license or discount. If you do not get any email from us during the day, please ping us here in the comments.

We want to heartily thank all of you who came to our booth, talked to us during the party, or took part in the DOJO session to share your ideas and inspiration!

See you next time in Brazil!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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