RubyMine Tsubaki EAP: Cucumber 2.0 and bug-fixing

Hello everyone,

Here is a new RubyMine Tsubaki EAP build for you. It will allow you to run the latest version of Cucumber (2.0.0.beta3 at this moment) and also fixes number of regressions we have introduced in previous EAPs (yes, we also do this ;) ).  Some people were unhappy with our previous EAP (because of some instability it had) and we hope this one will bring more stability to your life :)

Also we’re happy to introduce inline debugger functionality which will significantly reduce context switching:
Inline Debugger

Please learn more in the release notes and try the latest RubyMine Tsubaki EAP (build 138.2332).

We’re looking forward for your feedback as usual.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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