RubyMine 7.1.4: Hot RubyMotion Fixes

Hello everyone!

These days we’re at the RubyMotion #inspect 2015 and we seem to have some conference-driven development going on here! While preparing for a demo during the conference, we found and immediately fixed some crucial bugs in the RubyMotion integration module. So please welcome RubyMine 7.1.4 with fixes for debugging on a device and for quick documentation. In addition, we now support the most recent iOS 8.4 and Xcode 6.4 that were released on Tuesday.

The full list of fixed issues can be found in the release notes. As usual, a patch update is available from RubyMine 7.1.3. If you’re using a different RubyMine version, please download and install RubyMine 7.1.4 from our website.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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