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RubyMine 2017.1 Released: Docker, RuboCop, Puppet, Test Generation for Rails, and More!

Hi everyone,

RubyMine 2017.1 (build 171.3780.96) has been released! This is the first major update for RubyMine this year, and we encourage you to learn more about it and get the new version from the What’s new page.


During the Early Access Program, we’ve posted multiple times to describe every change being made in RubyMine, so our frequent EAP users probably already know what v2017.1 has got inside. Here’s just a brief list of all new features with links to the related blog posts:


  • RubyMine provides full support for Docker through the usage of the Docker integration plugin available in RubyMine. Check out this post to learn more about configuring your Docker SDK.

RVM gemsets

  • We’ve added the ability to create new RVM gemsets from the New Project wizard, which we think is rather convenient. See the related blog post.
  • We’ve also added a way to create RVM gemsets in the Ruby SDK and Gems dialog (Preferences / Settings | Ruby SDK and Gems).

RuboCop support

  • The IDE runs cops in the background, and displays RuboCop offenses the same way as it does RubyMine inspections. This post will tell you a bit more about how to use RuboCop in RubyMine. Note that we plan to continue working on the RuboCop support in for future updates.

Test generation for Rails

  • We have added an ability to create tests for Rails controllers, models, helpers, and mailers from the Go to test action. Here you can find more details about it.


  • If you use RubyMine for Puppet development, you will be glad to discover that it’s possible to generate Puppet modules from the New Project wizard. Here’s what it looks like.
  • The IDE finds all modules and/or environments in your project and updates the project structure if you choose to Install dependencies from the context menu. Find more details in this post.

Other improvements

  • JavaScript improvements: Support for Vue.js, Auto import for React components, and Integration with Jest. See all the new features that RubyMine has borrowed from WebStorm.
  • VCS improvements include new search and display options. Also, searching in Git Log is now a lot faster.
  • Parameter hints for Ruby. Read more.
  • Updated structure view of markdown files. Read more.
  • The new Find in Path dialog shows search results instantly. Read more.
  • The New Ruby Class dialog now allows you to create classes nested in the right modules. Read more.
  • Rollbacks for generated Rails entities. Read more.
  • Cucumber 3 support.
  • Customizable colors for RegExp syntax highlighting.
  • Support for Emoji characters in the editor.

Download RubyMine 2017.1 from the What’s new page and please share your feedback with us in the comments below.

See the release notes for the full list of improvements.

If you face any issues, you can always contact our support team, or submit your report to our issue tracker.


Your RubyMine Team


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