RubyMine Slack is Live! Check the Guidelines and Join!

Hi all,

We have just set up RubyMine Slack, and we encourage you to sign up for it! Get your invitation, and please take a look at the simple guidelines below.

RubyMine Slack Guidelines

This chat was created as a place for communication between RubyMine users. Use it to ask for help, suggest improvements for the product, share your projects / use-cases / best practices, and discuss Ruby and Rails trends. The RubyMine team may also use it for product announcements and updates.

While we don’t have any strict rules, here are some basic guidelines to stick to:

  1. Be polite. It’s not a place for hatred, so please be nice to each other.
  2. Mind the purpose. This chat is not an official support channel. Asking questions, sharing feedback and suggestions is always welcome. However, we encourage you to check the webhelp before asking, use the issue tracker to submit specific bugs and feature requests, and contact our support team to get technical help from the RubyMine team. We might be unable to respond on Slack for different reasons.
  3. Don’t spam. There’s a #random channel for off-topic discussions, but please don’t use the chat as an advertising channel and don’t spam it with links to doubtful content.
  4. Mind the language. Write in English only so that most users understand you.
  5. Keep it legal. Please don’t share any content that violates copyrights and might affect the community and the RubyMine team.

Breaking the abovementioned guidelines will lead to warnings and bans depending on the context and number of violations. Obvious spam and discrimination on various grounds will result in instant bans. You can contact @artysark to report abuse.

Note that we reserve the right to update these guidelines. If we do, we’ll notify users about the changes on Slack.


Your RubyMine Team

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