Improved Minitest Support

Important: If you are using RubyMine 2020.3.4 or 2020.1.1 (or higher), please refer to the newest blog post. The text below is only relevant to the pre-release versions of 2020.3.4 and 2020.1.1.

We have reworked Minitest support in RubyMine 2020.3.4 (preview and RC builds) and 2021.1.1 (preview).

The new approach resolves the issues that occasionally occurred while running Minitest tests, such as memory leaks or irrelevant test states, and makes the overall functionality more stable.

Previously, RubyMine used the minitest-reporters gem, which the reworked Minitest support no longer uses. To avoid conflicts with the new implementation, links to this gem need to be removed from your project configuration.

If you use Minitest, please update the following files in your project:

  1. Remove the gem ‘minitest-reporters’ line from your Gemfile.

  2. Remove the following lines from your Minitest configuration file (/test/test_helper.rb):

    require 'minitest/reporters'

The new implementation requires minitest gem v5.0 or higher. You can still use the older versions and launch tests from the console, but RubyMine’s GUI actions will be unavailable.

The affected RubyMine versions are 2020.3.4 preview (203.8084.10) and RC (203.8084.23), and 2021.1.1 preview (211.7142.14).

Should you encounter any problems, we encourage you to report them to our issue tracker.

Happy developing!
The RubyMine team

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