RubyMine Roadmap 2023.1–2023.2

Last month, we released RubyMine 2023.1, our first major update for the year 2023. We would like to express our gratitude to those who are already using it and providing us with feedback. Your responses have been incredible, with the new user interface being the most frequently mentioned aspect. We are permanently in the process of analyzing your feedback to determine what’s working well and what might still be in need of enhancement. 

Today, we’d like to give you a sneak peek into what we have planned for the next releases of RubyMine, with the usual disclaimer that these plans are subject to change. We may postpone some features and improvements to a future release. Our focus for 2023.1 was on performance improvements, and in 2023.2 we continue to work on performance, first-class support for Ruby technologies, and remote development.

Performance improvements

We believe that it’s not enough for our products to be powerful – they should also run smoothly. You expect fast code completion, seamless editing, and faster project opening, which is why we’re committed to addressing performance issues and enhancing your experience with RubyMine. We’ll be focused on improving performance in areas like completion, typing, inspections, and more.

First-class support

At JetBrains, we strongly believe that our IDEs should provide exceptional support for prominent languages and technologies. This is what we have done with RubyMine in past years and what we will continue to do in future releases. We plan to keep up with the latest developments in the Ruby community and deliver new features and improvements for popular technologies like new Ruby language versions, RBS, and Ruby on Rails as soon as possible.

Remote development

Remote development has become increasingly popular among developers. We’re actively researching the needs of the Ruby community in this area, and we hope to offer effective and effortless remote development options in the near future.

If you have any feedback or suggestions about remote development, please schedule a call with us using this link.

Other plans

We’ve also got a few other things in the works, including:

  • Extending first-class support to other technologies besides Ruby on Rails, such as Liquid or Falcon, which are popular among Ruby developers.
  • Improving the onboarding experience by streamlining the process of installing, updating, and managing the Ruby environment to make it more user-friendly.
  • Enhancing the stability of the Ruby plugin in IntelliJ IDEA to deliver the same level of support and experience as in RubyMine.

Extended support for Ruby-related technologies

For a considerable duration, Ruby on Rails has dominated the ecosystem, and we’ve consistently provided top-notch support for it. We are committed to extending this support to additional Ruby technologies, such as Liquid or Falcon, which many Ruby developers are eager to work with in RubyMine.

Better onboarding experience

Improving the onboarding experience is a key priority for us. We recognize that the process of getting up and running with our platform can be daunting, especially for new users. As such, we are constantly working to refine our onboarding process and make it as smooth and straightforward as possible. Our aim is to provide comprehensive documentation, clear instructions, and intuitive user interfaces to ensure that users can quickly and easily get started with RubyMine, regardless of their level of experience.

Working with the Ruby environment can be a hassle, even for seasoned developers. The installation, updating, and management of Ruby environments can be particularly cumbersome. To simplify this process and make it more intuitive and user-friendly, we are planning to improve the user experience. Our goal is to streamline the onboarding experience and ensure that developers of all skill levels can easily work with RubyMine.

Ruby plugin for IntelliJ IDEA

The Ruby plugin in IntelliJ IDEA has become extremely popular among Ruby developers, and we are committed to ensuring that the experience of working with Ruby in IntelliJ IDEA is just as good as it is in RubyMine. To this end, we are working hard to increase the stability of the plugin and provide the same level of support and user experience as our full-scale Ruby IDE. Our goal is to continuously improve the capabilities and usability of our platform, and we are committed to investing in the necessary resources to make this a reality.

These are the most notable improvements planned for the next releases. Keep an eye out for details regarding the forthcoming bug-fix updates for RubyMine 2023.1, as well as the start of the next round of the Early Access Program!

You can download RubyMine 2023.1 from our website or via the Toolbox App.

We’d love to hear more about your experience with RubyMine. Schedule a 40–60 minute call with us to discuss and answer your questions!

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We invite you to share your thoughts in the comments below and suggest and vote for new features in the issue tracker.

Happy developing!

The RubyMine team

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