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A Touch of Magic: Debugging Ruby with RubyMine

Hello everyone, No matter how good are you at programming, the seemingly endless and exhausting debugging sessions will happen. The following video is meant to show you how to sugarcoat this routine with the help of RubyMine graphical debugger and … Continue reading

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Navigation with RubyMine: Travelling Through Code

Hello everyone! The more source code a project contains, the easier it is to get lost in it, and at times we have to spend a lot of time to get out of the woods and find what we’re looking … Continue reading

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Remote Interpreters Support in RubyMine

Hello everyone, An idea of using virtual environments tailored for development needs is accepted by many developers who are using virtual machines on a regular basis. However, deployment process even with automation tools can be too complex at times, because … Continue reading

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Gem Development with RubyMine

Hello everyone, For many of you RubyMine is mostly known as a Ruby and Rails IDE, however, not only pure Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails projects can be effectively developed with it. In fact, RubyMine provides support for several types of projects … Continue reading

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Eating our own dog food. With pleasure!

Hello everyone, During this week we were trying our best to figure out what it’s like being on the other side of the fence! These days all the members of RubyMine team devoted themselves to development with RubyMine 5.4.2. As … Continue reading

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Vim Emulation in RubyMine

Hello everyone, During the RailsConf conference a lot of people came by our booth, and there were a lot of Vim-users among them. It wasn’t a surprise for me as soon as I profess Vim religion as well. Inspired by all … Continue reading

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What’s Mining: Faster Code Modifications with “Unwrap”

RubyMine makes code editing agile and easy with code fragment surrounding actions. To choose one just hit Ctrl+Alt+T / Cmd+Opt+T and invoke “Surround With” panel: From the last EAP version RubyMine also supports code fragment unwrapping actions, inverting the ones … Continue reading

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