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What’s Mining: Faster Code Modifications with “Unwrap”

RubyMine makes code editing agile and easy with code fragment surrounding actions. To choose one just hit Ctrl+Alt+T / Cmd+Opt+T and invoke “Surround With” panel:

From the last EAP version RubyMine also supports code fragment unwrapping actions, inverting the ones from “Surround With”. They can be invoked by hitting Ctrl+Shift+Del / Cmd+Shift+Del:

Please note, that a special color highlighting shows code fragments to be deleted and to remain. Take a look at how we can revert the first “Surround With” action:

Voila! Feel free to surround and unwrap for faster code editing.

Note: Of course both surround and unwrap actions support Undo action.

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains RubyMine Team

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