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Interview with Jeff “Cheezy” Morgan

Hello everyone, Today we have a surprise for you! Please meet Jeff Morgan, known as Cheezy (@chzy). Jeff gave us a nice full-blown interview about his new book “Cucumber & Cheese” and better testing practices, so… don’t let me take … Continue reading

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What’s mining: Cucumber support

We’ve heard a lot of buzz around Cucumber BDD framework during the RailsConf. We ourselves, think Cucumber is very interesting. Aslak Hellesøy (the author of the framework) has been presenting it on a session and the tool was mentioned on … Continue reading

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BDD with RSpec in RubyMine

We, at JetBrains in general, and in RubyMine team in particular, pay big attention to unit testing of our code. And as first users of our own products we try to make unit testing tightly integrated with the major development … Continue reading

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