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BDD with RSpec in RubyMine

We, at JetBrains in general, and in RubyMine team in particular, pay big attention to unit testing of our code. And as first users of our own products we try to make unit testing tightly integrated with the major development tasks adding features for easy test-code navigation, tests execution, etc.

Ruby and Rails developers have a great RSpec framework for doing behavior-driven development. We provide a good level of integration with RSpec in RubyMine for Ruby and for Rails projects. And the support for the latest RSpec 1.2 release is already available.

We captured a short screencast (5 mins) that demonstrates the development process when you start a feature with a test. The demo shows the useful features, shortcuts and shows off the RubyMine’s Test Runner UI. The features are demonstrated while adding new functionality to our real-live Exception Analyzer application:

Here is the couple of screenshots:

Code completion and quick doc lookup

RubyMine Test Runner UI

RubyMine also supports other test frameworks such as Test::Unit and test/spec.

View screencast online (5 min) or Download demo movie (27Mb, QuickTime)

Develop and test with pleasure using RubyMine!

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