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Evaluate Expression feature for Scala

Evaluate expression feature is available now in build 0.5.180.

This feature is not fully implemented (and will not be in foreseeable future) and have beta quality, however even now it’s much more usable than it was using Java language.

Supported features:

  • Scala editor with debug context resolve/completion.
  • Add import action.
  • Conditional breakpoints.
  • Local variables evaluation, even from inner functions/classes (you don’t need to use $ anymore).
  • Local function calls.
  • Implicit conversions.
  • Default, named, implicit parameters for method calls.
  • New instance creation.
  • Boxing/unboxing of primitive values.
  • Primitive values calculations.
  • While/do/if statements.
  • Assign statements.

Unsupported features:

  • Pattern matching local value with one usage (It’s probably will be done).
  • Anonymous classes (It’s will not be done as in Java Evaluate Expression)
  • Anonymous functions (the same as for classes, however It’s slightly simpler than for classes, so unlikely, that it will be done, but it’s possible)
  • By-name parameters (it’s anonymous function, however It’s probably will be done)
  • Default, named, implicit parameters for constructors.
  • Pattern matching.
  • Variables/function declarations.
  • Dynamic method calls (I’m sure it will be fixed soon)

Look at this feature in action:

Is it possible using Java?