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Debugging Lambdas and Macro Expansion Extractor

We have released a new EAP version of the Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 15 EAP. Here is a couple of new features we have added: Debugging: stopping at Lambda Expressions When you add a breakpoint to a line that contains a lambda … Continue reading

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Scala Plugin 1.3 EAP Brings Better Debugger

You’ll be pleased to know that our new Scala Plugin 1.3 EAP build brings several small but quite important improvements to the debugger: The variables from outer scopes are visible in the Variables tab now: there is no need to evaluate … Continue reading

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Evaluate Expression feature for Scala

Evaluate expression feature is available now in build 0.5.180. This feature is not fully implemented (and will not be in foreseeable future) and have beta quality, however even now it’s much more usable than it was using Java language. Supported … Continue reading

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