Scaladoc 2 Support

Last releases are coming with full scaladoc 2 support

  • Go to declaration and Auto completion for entity links and @throws tags



  • Go to declaration, Auto completion, Renaming and Generation by signature for @tparam and @param tags



  • Highlighting and Brace matching for wiki syntax and html tags  

  • Some Inspections (unknown tag, missing parameter, unknown or duplicating parameter, inspections for wiki syntax, missing parameter description) and Quick fixes (delete unknown tag/parameter, quick fixes for wiki syntax)   




  • Alignment for @tags
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    6 Responses to Scaladoc 2 Support

    1. Robin MacKay says:

      That’s fantastic. That’s going to be so useful. Well done!

    2. entreprendre says:

      Vous savez bien ce que vous faites, vous avez couvert les bases. Merci je suis tellement impressionné !

    3. mschwerhoff says:

      Is it possible to configure IntelliJ such that automatically created comment blocks adhere to the alignment pattern shown in the first, third and fourth screenshot?



      instead of


      I read that the option “Code Style -> Scala -> Spaces -> Use formatting for ScalaDoc2 options” should have an effect on that behaviour, but that doesn’t seem to be the case (IDEA 12.1.3 #IC-129.451, built on May 10, 2013).

      Other than that … keep up the GREAT work! In my opinion, IntelliJ’s support for Scala is by far the best!

    4. mschwerhoff says:

      Damn, the formatting didn’t work. I hope my post is nevertheless understandable. Basically, I’d like to get the style from screen shots 1, 3, 4, but what I currently get is the one from screen shot 2.

    5. Thanks for the post. I’ve been trying to use a list in my comments but I ran into the following: the list doesn’t get rendered correctly in the preview (Ctrl+Q). Nested lists get formatted to a flat list if the code is formatted (Ctrl+Alt+L). Are these known bugs?

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