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Scala and Play 2 Plugins 0.41 RC1 is Out

To start using EAP builds just add a corresponding repository URL via Settings → Plugins → Browse repositories… → Manage repositories (just like with the nightly builds.) After that your IDE will automatically inform you about updates and install them for you. And, of course, you can always get the latest updates from Scala and Play 2 plugins EAP page and install them manually.

Here’s what’s new in the upcoming EAP (0.41):

  • Error highlighting now checks variance position in your code
  • Improved basic completion in SBT files:
    Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 15.25.04
  • Create class, object or trait from usages.

For the full list of changes see Release Notes.

As always, you’re welcome to share your feedback in our discussion forum, or issue tracker.

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