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Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1: Cleaner UI, SBT shell, REPL worksheet, Akka support and more

This update brings many new features and improvements in different areas: 1. User interface First, we’ve streamlined the project wizard: IDEA / SBT project formats are now clearly separated. SBT project is now the default format. There’s a brand-new SBT … Continue reading

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Beyond Code Style

They say “with great power comes great responsibility.” Because of the IntelliJ Scala plugin’s huge user base, most default settings tend to become de-facto standards in the Scala community, so we strive to choose the defaults wisely. Moreover, we believe … Continue reading

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How to contribute to IntelliJ Scala plugin

It may well be that you haven’t considered contributing to any open source project, let alone the IntelliJ Scala plugin. However, if you use IntelliJ IDEA to write Scala code, it’s actually a very reasonable thing to do. Here’s how … Continue reading

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Scala Plugin 1.2 RC Introduces Ahead-of-time Code Completion

With the just published Scala Plugin 1.2 RC build, we’re happy to pioneer a new kind of coding assistance, which we like to call “ahead of time” (AOT) code completion. Have you ever noticed that unlike Java, in Scala we have to … Continue reading

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IntelliJ IDEA Team at Scala Days 2014

The Scala community knows that the place to be on June 16th – 18th is Scala Days 2014 conference. So, the entire team behind the IntelliJ Scala plugin went to Berlin to embrace the awesomeness of this event. Besides attending the … Continue reading

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SBT Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA Nightly Builds

We know that you have been waiting for SBT project support in IDEA too long. That’s why we make SBT plugin nightly builds available even before an actual release of the plugin. Features Though work on SBT plugin is still in … Continue reading

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A new way to compile

Together with the IDEA 12 release Scala plugin brings a brand new Scala compilation subsystem. Here are the main updates: The compilation is now “external”. Incremental compilation is now handled by SBT (instead of IDEA itself). Compile server is now … Continue reading

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Format and convert

The truth is that programmers often need to embed dynamic variables into static string patterns. To accomplish this feat we used to write something like: or even A good news is that Scala 2.10 brings a shiny new string interpolation: … Continue reading

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Embrace Recursion

Recursion is an essential tool in functional programming (FP) – it is the canonical way (and often the only way) to represent iteration. Being a hybrid object/functional language, Scala offers both recursion and imperative control structures (like do, while, etc) … Continue reading

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Cherish your packages

After the introduction of chained package clauses in Scala 2.8 we have the ability to rewrite “package” as “package foo; package bar” in order to automatically import all “foo” package entities (so, these two declarations are not equivalent). Scala … Continue reading

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