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Scala 3 support in IntelliJ Scala plugin

We added basic Dotty support in the IntelliJ Scala plugin a long time ago, right after the announcement of Dotty. However, for a long time Dotty has been a dark horse, and aiming at a moving target hadn’t been easy. … Continue reading

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IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2019.3: Method Chain Hints, Scala REPL, Scala Worksheet, and ScalaTest improvements

Just like IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3, this release of the Scala Plugin is focused primarily on performance boosts and usability enhancements. And yet, we managed to sneak in a cool new feature as well. Let’s take a closer look. 1. Method … Continue reading

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IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2019.2: Functional Code Highlighting, Fine-grained Type Diff, Case Clause Completion, Build Server Protocol, and More

The 2019.2 release of the Scala plugin offers many improvements in different areas. The key focus of this release is a new code highlighting paradigm whereby the highlighting is now cleaner, yet provides even more coding assistance. 1. Functional code … Continue reading

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Functional Highlighting for Functional Programming

Statically typed programming languages, such as Java or Scala, are all about types. But not all types are created equal: there’s a difference between how types work in imperative programming and how they work in functional programming. In this article, … Continue reading

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Combine IntelliJ IDEA with Hydra for the Fastest Scala Development Experience

For several years we’ve been working with Triplequote to help them develop the Hydra IntelliJ IDEA plugin. By combining IntelliJ IDEA with the Hydra parallel compiler, you can speed up both Scala development and Scala compilation. Here is a tutorial … Continue reading

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IntelliJ Scala Plugin 2019.1: Highlighting For-comprehensions, Find Usages for Implicits, and More

Some releases are about adding more features. In this release, we’ve focused on improving the existing features of the Scala plugin. These features are the bread and butter of Scala programmers, so we hope the improvements will make our day-to-day … Continue reading

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Scala plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1: Cleaner UI, SBT shell, REPL worksheet, Akka support and more

This update brings many new features and improvements in different areas: 1. User interface First, we’ve streamlined the project wizard: IDEA / SBT project formats are now clearly separated. SBT project is now the default format. There’s a brand-new SBT … Continue reading

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Beyond Code Style

They say “with great power comes great responsibility.” Because of the IntelliJ Scala plugin’s huge user base, most default settings tend to become de-facto standards in the Scala community, so we strive to choose the defaults wisely. Moreover, we believe … Continue reading

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How to contribute to IntelliJ Scala plugin

It may well be that you haven’t considered contributing to any open source project, let alone the IntelliJ Scala plugin. However, if you use IntelliJ IDEA to write Scala code, it’s actually a very reasonable thing to do. Here’s how … Continue reading

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Scala Plugin 1.2 RC Introduces Ahead-of-time Code Completion

With the just published Scala Plugin 1.2 RC build, we’re happy to pioneer a new kind of coding assistance, which we like to call “ahead of time” (AOT) code completion. Have you ever noticed that unlike Java, in Scala we have to … Continue reading

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