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An Interview with Olga Berdnikova, UI/UX Designer at JetBrains

“A good day is when there’s some tangible result at the end when you’ve completed a task or a part of it”: An interview with Olga Berdnikova, a UI/UX designer at JetBrains. One rule for a good interview is: ask … Continue reading

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Coding the Art, Continued

Crafting tools and making them better is human nature. JetBrains has built its business on this tradition, by creating tools which developers love using daily and which automate the routine parts of their jobs. Almost 2 years ago, we shared … Continue reading

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The Art of Code, Visualized

Update: Read the update from 2018 about our approach to creating product artwork. Most of us who write code treat it as something special, more than just a bunch of characters stored in files. A lot of experience, thought and … Continue reading

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