An new article on TeamCity is published

We keep on getting feedback on TeamCity’s advantages in continuous integration and agile development practice from our users. Michael Hüttermann, a well-known author of a book on agile software development, Sun Java Champion, member of Agile Alliance, a coach and consultant for JEE and agile development has recently published a second article on TeamCity in Javamagazin (issue 9, 2007). In the article he shares his positive user experience with TeamCity and provides:

  • a summary of TeamCity’s concepts and possibilities of its user interface
  • some notes on initial TeamCity installation and startup
  • a howto on configuring the project settings via TeamCity’s web interface and migration from CruiseControl to TeamCity
  • a description of IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 integration plugin for TeamCity

The article is currently available only in German at Michael Hüttermann’s website, and we hope it will soon be translated into English.

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