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TeamCity has multiple ways to monitor a projects health. First and foremost is, of course, the user dashboard. Then come the plugins for the IDE’s that TeamCity currently integrates with (IntelliJ IDEA, MS Visual Studio, and Eclipse), standard e-mails, Jabber/XMPP protocol instant messages, and the Tray Notifier. But all these methods require either a TeamCity login, or some installation and customization procedures.

We decided to make it easy for software development teams to let their customers and other outsiders (who are not interested in the build process) monitor the builds’ status. No special magic – just insert a small HTML fragment into any web page:

  • company’s website,
  • blog,
  • Wiki,
  • Confluence.

And get an overview of the current project status: the latest build results, its ID, date and a link to the latest build artifacts:


This “version” of the projects dashboard does not require a login of any kind and of course the builds’ status is being constantly updated.

To start using this feature you have to either create a new build configuration or edit the general properties of an already existing one and select the Enable status widget option. The cues on the HTML sources to paste into your web pages are, as usual, in the TeamCity online reference.

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1 Response to Monitor a project’s status without… TeamCity

  1. Matthew says:

    August 29, 2014

    Is there a way to get the coverage out as a widget to display on a website outside of TeamCity like we can the project Status.


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