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Discovering “hanging” builds with TeamCity

In TeamCity 3.0 we implemented one small but useful feature assisting you with builds’ state troubleshooting: discovering builds which are probably “hanging” at the moment and displaying this information on the Projects and Build Configuration‘s homepage:

Hanging Builds

Of course you don’t always watch and have to watch the project’s health at the projects’ dashboard or the build configuration’ homepage and prefer to stay tuned to your workflow but be informed of hanging builds so your precious time is not wasted and the feedback loop stays reasonable. Nothing more simpler, just customize the notification rule:

  1. Navigate to My Settings and Tools | Watched builds and Notifications area.
  2. Click the Edit button near the desired notification means (e-mail, Windows Tray Notifier, e-mail, Jabber or IDE notifier).
  3. If you already have some notification rules, click the edit link and select The build is probably hanging option. Otherwise create a new notification rule and enable this option.
  4. Editing notification rules

  5. Click Save.

Now you can stay tuned to the development or builds management process but you won’t miss the hanging builds situation which may be even dangerous if the changes need to be incorporated quickly and build must be delivered within a very tough timeframe.

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