TeamCity 3.0 Released!

JetBrains is happy to tell you that TeamCity 3.0 is now available!

This release continues to extend support of both Java and .NET software development teams. Small and medium-size development teams now benefit from the completely redesigned licensing scheme allowing to get TeamCity’s innovative productivity and quality-enhancing features for free with Professional edition. Enterprise edition supports per-project user roles and allows to manage an unlimited number of users and build configurations.

The key new features of this release include:

  • Per-project access rights with project roles — an exclusive feature of the Enterprise edition
  • Build statistics charts, with declarative pluggable charts for user-defined metrics
  • Pre-tested commit from Visual Studio for Subversion
  • StarTeam support
  • .NET Duplicates finder for catching similar code fragments of your C# and Visual Basic .NET code
  • Java Inspections and Duplicates for Maven2 projects
  • Version Control labeling for Subversion, CVS, Perforce, StarTeam, ClearCase
  • Hangingbuilds auto-detection and thread dump capturing, for quick feedback on Java and .NET builds’ problems
  • Display of build start/finish estimations in the Build Queue
  • Build tags for organizing and quickly filtering builds

To learn more about new features in TeamCity 3.0, please visit

For more details about the new licensing scheme for Professional, Enterprise and Open Source licenses, see

Existing TeamCity users can upgrade free of charge to the Enterprise Edition of TeamCity.

Get more pleasure developing with TeamCity 3.0 and thanks for your feedback which helps us to move forward and bring new ideas to life!

The JetBrains TeamCity team

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3 Responses to TeamCity 3.0 Released!

  1. Izindaba #21 - From the software development trenches says:

    December 6, 2007

    […] TeamCity 3.0 Released – JetBrains announces a new version of this powerful continuous integration and build management solution for Java and .NET.  A free version is available for small teams. […]

  2. Web 2.0 Announcer says:

    December 8, 2007

    Boost your teamwork for FREE with TeamCity 3.0!…

    […]With multiple new features and enhancements, TeamCity 3.0 is given away for free to small and medium-size development teams, be they Java or .NET based[…]…

  3. TeamCity for Free at Stephan’s Superpage says:

    December 10, 2007

    […] Recently TeamCity 3.0 was released. It has a bunch of new features, but the best of all: There is a free version now. And the free version already is quite powerful: up to 20 users, 20 build projects and 3 build agents. That is really a cool marketing strategy, because now there are no reasons anymore, why not to start with Continuous Integration, if even the software is for free. […]

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