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Custom data publishing in builds’ results

When we just started developing TeamCity, we decided to make it as open and easy-to-contribute as possible and allow anyone to develop and deploy custom server-side and build agent’s plugins and extend it in different areas to fit the needs of a project and team.

Let’s dig into adding custom reports into the most frequently accessed place in TeamCity’s UI – Build Results page. This can be easily done by:

  1. specifying a report as a build artifact
  2. modifying the build configuration so that TeamCity displays a report when a new artifact

And voilà ! you get brand-new tab on the Build Results page showing your report.

Besides, it is possible to modify the builds’ status information and the status text.

For the builds’ statistics feature, which appeared in TeamCity 3.0 , you can add custom statistic graphs. Just provide the required data in teamcity-info.xml and describe the new graphs in main-config.xml file and access new statistics charts in the Statistics tab of the build configuration page.

Bluewire Technologies (thank you very much again!) has recently shared their experience on including third-party reports in the Build Results page and publishing custom data from the build i.e. number of unit tests which have passed or failed.

More details on customizing the Build Results page are as usually available in TeamCity online reference.

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