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Managing TeamCity Database

Here, at JetBrains, we use TeamCity to build all our projects – commercial, open-source, and internal solutions. This is why we understand the value and importance of information that will be kept “inside” TeamCity server as well as the burden of setup, adoption, and maintenance of “yet another server” for your company.This is why we support four major industry-wide databases:

  • MySQL (5.0.40+)
  • PostreSQL (8+)
  • Oracle (10+)
  • Microsoft SQL 2005

to back end your TeamCity server, so you can reuse your existing IT infrastructure in the most efficient way.Â

To ease the evaluation process, TeamCity comes with a built-in pure Java database (HSQLDB) that works out of the box under any environment without any additional configuration. When you evaluate TeamCity to see whether it suits your needs and which benefits it brings, it collects information on the build results and preserves it in this simple built-in database. But because of its simplicity, the database does not scale well and is not targeted on a real production.

Once you decide to handle the software building process to TeamCity and use it for production purposes, you need to switch to one of the supported databases most suitable for your environment and infrastructure. Please note that after initial setup the external database does not require any kind of special maintenance – TeamCity server does everything automatically using the database you have selected, and you control performance, scalability, and safety.

The database switching process is rather simple and straightforward:

  1. Stop TeamCity server.
  2. Back up the TeamCity data directory.
  3. Follow an extensive explanation of this procedure in the Setting up an External Database and Migrating to an External Database sections of our online reference.

We strive to make both adoption and production usage as easy as possible, and if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line – either here or at teamcity-feedback at jetbrains dot com.

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