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TeamCity 5.0 (codename Darjeeling) EAP is Open!

Truly great news, everyone! Today we announce the opening of TeamCity 5.0 Early Access Program.

We’ve been working hard and we believe it’s time to present you some of TeamCity’s brand new features and enhancements to make your day a bit brighter.
So here goes a brief list of what you’ll find in this first TeamCity 5.0 EAP:

  • Issue Tracker integration — out-of-the-box integration with JIRA, Bugzilla, and Charisma (it’s a new issue tracker by JetBrains)
  • New code coverage engine for Java — IntelliJ IDEA built-in coverage
  • Built-in support for seamless integration with NCover and PartCover for .NET coverage
  • Single page to monitor status of a particular change across all of the build configurations
  • Customizable UI for artifact-based (report) tabs
  • Archived Projects — one click to sort out non-active projects
  • Audit and Server logs — let you browse various users activity and server events via web UI
  • Eclipse and Visual Studio IDE plug-ins improvements
  • Enhanced Rake Runner with new test frameworks support
  • Experimental support for Sybase DB engine
  • and more niceties…

Quite a list, don’t you think? Just give these features a try, and, who knows?, you might get a taste for them! ;)
If you’d like to get more information and try new features, view detailed Release notes and download the build. Of course, we remind you to back up your data before upgrade.

By the way, don’t hesitate and take a chance to influence the development process — vote for features and suggest new ones at our issue tracker and online forum. We greatly appreciate and eagerly wait for your feedback!

Wish you happy building!
The JetBrains TeamCity team

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