TeamCity 6.5 is out!

TeamCity takes yet another step towards complete perfection by releasing version 6.5 – it’s here, it’s available, it’s waiting for you to download and try it. So what’s in the box?

  • Remote run on changes in DVCSs branches: New build trigger added that watches for commits into Git or Mercurial branches and adds personal build to the build queue when commit detected.
  • Parameterized Version Control System roots: Parameter references can now be used in all text fields of a VCS root settings except, of course, password fields.
  • Tests grouping: To help you identify common problems faster tests can now be grouped by package on the build results page, Current Problems page, My Changes and in many other places.
  • Muting test failure: If some tests fail for a known reason and it is not possible to fix them right away, you can temporarily mute them. For example, if your test is failing intentionally, when required functionality is not yet written (TDD).
  • Remote build agent installation: New experimental way to automatically install build agents on the machines in your network or in the cloud called “Agent Push”.
  • JetBrains dotCover 1.1 integration: TeamCity VS-addin can download dotCover test coverage snapshots from the TeamCity server and open them right in the dotCover installed in your Visual Studio locally.
  • .NET: A number of new feature is available for .NET deveopers, such as:
    • AssemplyInfo Patcher build feature that allows to set a build number to an assembly automatically, without having to patch AssemblyInfo.cs files manually.
    • PowerShell: dedicated build runner for PowerShell scripts.
    • MSpec: built-in MSpec runner designed specifically to run MSpec tests.
    • .NET process runner able to run any .NET assembly under selected .NET Framework version and platform, optionally with .NET code coverage.
  • and much more.

But that’s not the end of the story. We have some trully great news for small and medium-size teams that use TeamCity Professional Edition (which is free, as you know). Starting with this release we have removed all restrictions except one: the maximum number of build configurations. This gives TeamCity Professional Edition users following advantages:

  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Ability to use any authentication scheme.
  • Adjustable per-project permissions.

Happy building!

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