Love TeamCity? Make it better!

Have you ever asked yourself why TeamCity is so cool? We found the answer a long time ago. TeamCity is great because of you, our users. You constantly suggest improvements, report bugs and discuss new functionality. Every time your energy and involvement motivate us to do our job better than we did before.

Documentation is an essential part of any product and TeamCity is not an exception. We constantly improve the documentation and make it more valuable to you. On the other hand, we know there’s a wide field for improvements and some important topics are missed.

With new TeamCity 8.0 on its way we think time for change has come. We start reworking the documentation and we invite you to help us with it again. We’d love to hear what you do not like or miss in current documentation or you missed when you opened it for a first time.

Leave your mark in history by commenting here or in opened issue.

Help us to become better and… happy building!

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