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TeamCity 8.1 EAP1 is Out!

TeamCity 8.1 EAP1 is now available for you to try!

Among the valuable additions of this build is the ability to automatically merge feature branches to the master if you are working with Git and Mercurial. The feature is extremely handy when you create a branch to fix an issue and push the branch only once when the work is complete and ready to be merged.

To provide greater visibility and control over projects to Project Administrators, we have moved Maven settings and configuration of build results report tabs to the project level.

We have also reworked VCS labeling as a Build Feature instead of options in the VCS Settings section: not to worry, your existing settings are converted automatically to the new format allowing more flexible configuration.

This new build introduces a few improvements enabling you to simplify the configuration of your build process. On creating new build steps TeamCity can now scan the VCS repository and automatically determine the build runner to use. At the moment, auto discovery is available for Ant, Maven, Xcode, Visual Studio solution, MSBuild runners and IntelliJ IDEA based projects. We are sure you’ll appreciate a few other improvements aimed at reducing the complexity of the configuration UI.

We constantly work on improving TeamCity, so our MSBuild and Visual Studio Solution build runners now have full support for Microsoft® Visual Studio 2013 and Microsoft® Build Tools 2013.
Code coverage tools spectrum is further expanded with JaCoCo as a coverage engine for Ant, Maven, Gradle and IDEA Project builds.

To help project administrators improve the configuration, the Server Health report now detects problems with reusing builds for configurations with snapshot dependencies, notifies you on queued builds sitting in the queue without compatible agents, and reports cloud agent issues.

Besides, we really rolled up our sleeves squashing a number of bugs in this EAP Build!

So, see the release notes, try the build and let us know what you think about the new features!

Happy Building!

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