Early Access Program Features News

TeamCity 8.1 EAP (build 29581) is here!

Christmas is coming early this year with TeamCity 8.1 EAP 2! We carefully collected your wishes, and this release arrives gift-wrapped with more than 150 bugfixes, but most importantly, our fascinating new features are there for you to play with! Let’s see the gifts TeamCity brings you this December!

Better TeamCity Administration Experience

They say grown-ups don’t believe in magic, but this will certainly change once you see the improved TeamCity administration interface! Creating a build configuration has never been easier – all you have to do now is enter your repository URL and just watch the magic working: TeamCity will automatically create a VCS root for you, suggest build triggers, failure conditions and build features, and more than that – it will detect your project file and suggest adding a build step if your repository contains an Ant, NAnt, Gradle, Maven, MSBuild, Visual Studio solution file, a Powershell, Xcode project file, or a Rake and IntelliJ IDEA project! Aren’t you excited? We definitely are!

Enhanced REST API

The magic continues with the TeamCity REST API bringing you a bag of opportunities! You can now

  • trigger a build
  • list queued builds
  • stop a running build
  • expose canceled build details
  • query for investigations for a build configuration, problem or test
  • get investigations assigned to a user
  • list the build’s tests, list all test runs and more!

We really strive to make our users almighty!

Support for Visual Studio 2013

TeamCity is choreographed to waltz with Visual Studio 2013 supported in the VS addin, and .NET Inspections and Duplicates runners! Would you like to dance?

Improved Torrent Plugin

It’s up to you to decide which gift you like best, just one more thing before you get absolutely ecstatic and start looking for this build’s download link: we are happy to say that the new version of the Torrent Plugin comes with the considerably improved performance and stability! It is readily available for download here and we are anxious to hear your feedback!

TeamCity 8.1 EAP 2 is loaded with new features to help you get into the holiday spirit! Don’t just believe us – check out the release notes for this EAP for the full list of new features and improvements, download the build and try it out! We are thrilled to know what you think!

Happy holidays and Happy building!

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