TeamCity 8.1.1 bugfix release is here

Since we released TeamCity 8.1, we spent most of our time fixing critical bugs. We greatly appreciate your feedback and your patience, and we are happy to announce TeamCity 8.1.1 today!

Traditionally TeamCity bugfix releases do not modify the data format, and 8.1.1 is no exception. If after installing 8.1.1 you find some new problems (which is an unlikely case, but still), you can easily switch back to 8.1 without the need to restore data from backup.

8.1.1 fixes problems with working directory in Powershell runner introduced in 8.1, compatibility issues with JIRA, and about 70 other bugs.

It is important to mention that the experimental VSTest console runner is no longer bundled with TeamCity. But there is nothing to worry about if you started using it: the plugin is available as a separate download, please see the plugin page for details.

This bugfix release also comes with support for Nuget package discovery when creating a project from URL: TeamCity now detects .nuspec files and suggests using the Nuget pack build step.

We highly recommend upgrading to the new version. See TeamCity 8.1.1 Release Notes for the complete list of fixes, and download the new version now!

Happy Building!

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