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TeamCity 8.1.3 (build 30101) is here!

Dear TeamCity users, greetings to all of you! We are happy to announce the immediate availability of TeamCity 8.1.3! Build 30101 is mostly a bugfix release containing about 100 fixes.

Our users running TeamCity on an Oracle database will be relieved to learn that we have fixed the unpleasant issue with the high memory usage by the server.

We have good news for everyone using TeamCity and Git via TFS! The Git plugin for TeamCity now supports NTLM over HTTP authentication, so we easily integrate with Git hosted from Team Foundation Server 2013. Note that the Active Directory credentials need to be specified in the authentication settings of your Git VCS root.

This release also comes with several important performance fixes. If collecting changes in build chains is slow, or your server CPU usage is high, we strongly recommend upgrading to 8.1.3: chances are these problems have been fixed by now. A number of other important fixes is included as well, see our Release Notes for the complete list.

Finally, while working on the problem with a corrupted NuGet feed, we implemented NuGet packages re-indexing in this release. Now, on the server startup, TeamCity determines which packages are missing in the feed, and starts re-indexing these packages. This process may take some time, and as a result, after upgrade to this release, the number of packages in your NuGet feed can increase.

As with any bugfix release, 8.1.3 does not change the data format, so in case of any problems, you can easily revert to a previous 8.1.x version.

If you still have not switched over to TeamCity 8.1, check out all the new features to see what you are missing out on! Make sure you read our Upgrade Notes and do upgrade to the latest version of TeamCity!

Download TeamCity 8.1.3 now and happy building!

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