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TeamCity 9.0 (code-named Hajipur) EAP is open

Greetings, everyone!

For quite some time now, before every new version, we’ve been running a very successful Early Access Program (EAP) which helps us improve TeamCity basing on feedback from our most enthusiastic users. So today we are happy to announce that the Early Access Program for TeamCity 9.0 is now officially open! Traditionally TeamCity versions are code-named after Indian cities, and this one is no exception, so please welcome Hajipur 9.0 EAP1 (build 31423).

TeamCity 9.0 plans

Before I talk about the features of this release, let me briefly outline the main directions for TeamCity 9.0.

The estimated release date for the new version is October 2014, which will probably be corrected as we approach the release.

One of the major directions is the ability to move projects among servers. We are currently working on ensuring safe and foolproof transfer of projects.

Among the priorities of the future version is the functionality allowing TeamCity users to store the project configuration settings in the VCS the same way it is done with the source code.

The advent of the cloud solutions gives one more significant course to our work: our efforts are directed toward cloud integration with VMware Vsphere and Microsoft Azure.

In addition to developing these new features, we are also investing considerable resources into improving TeamCity performance, reliability and ease of use.

Highlights of Hajipur 9.0 EAP1 (build 31423)

This release contains a snapshot of our continuing work on the upcoming release. We’ve been working hard and today we are presenting: two-way synchronization of your project settings with the version control – now you can store the project configuration settings in the VCS the same way it is done with the source code, Build Time Report, Unicode support for MS SQL and Oracle databases used by TeamCity and other features, such as the ability to upload meta-runners, tagging queued and running builds and more. We also introduced some changes aimed at speeding up the backup restore operations as well as clean-up, which is gradually being moved to the background.

We encourage everyone to refer to our release notes for details and, if you want to be a part of the TeamCity development process, download this EAP version and give it a try! We are collecting your feedback, so keep it coming! We are thrilled to hear what you have to say!

Help us make the new TeamCity better and happy building!

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