TeamCity 9.0.3 is available

Please welcome TeamCity 9.0.3 (build #32334) with more than 150 bugfixes and improvements.

We added a couple of new options to projects import to control how import of users and groups should be performed in case of conflicts.

With this release we bundled new version of ReSharper Command Line Tools. This should fix a number of issues found in .NET Inspections runner. TeamCity 9.0.3 also adds support for NUnit 2.6.4.

Versioned settings feature have got several important stability fixes. Also a number of fixes have been done in WebSockets support. Finally, we fixed several performance problems mainly affecting large installations. See our release notes for the full list.

Given the number of fixed problems in this release, upgrade to 9.0.3 is highly recommended. Please download the build and follow the upgrade instructions. As usual upgrade to this bugfix release from another 9.0 version does not change data format, so in case of any problems downgrade will be simple.

As the team is switching their efforts to TeamCity 9.1 (which is planned for the end of Spring), this is probably the last 9.0.x bugfix release with so many fixes. We hope to publish the first 9.1 EAP build in a matter of weeks.

Stay tuned and happy building!

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