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TeamCity 9.1 EAP2 is here

Greetings, everyone!
As we approach the final steps towards TeamCity 9.1 release, the excitement is building up and today we’re making available TeamCity 9.1. EAP2 which showcases a few more of the new features we’ve been working on.

This build includes over 100 fixes and improvements, and we hope you’ll find them handy.

First of all, just like the previous EAP, this build introduces several improvements to the versioned settings feature. If you already use this functionality in your project, you’ll appreciate the new interesting possibilities – see details in our Release notes .

If a tool you are using in a build has a color output mode, you’ll like the fact that you can take advantage of it now, because starting from this EAP TeamCity build logs support ANSI coloring!

We’ve got good news for .Net developers:
– TeamCity now supports Powershell 5.
– We used to support NUnit, and now NUnit supports us! Our team members and NUnit developers collaborated on several points and now NUnit detects if it is run by a TeamCity build agent and automatically switches to “TeamCity-style” reporting, using TeamCity service messages.

This build also addresses a common problem with artifact storage becoming too large: now you can store artifacts in multiple locations and specify the paths to them on the Administration | Global Settings page. The first path in the list is used to publish new artifacts, the other paths are searched when TeamCity is looking for artifacts.

We also fixed a number of performance and usability issues – for the full list see our Release Notes.

Download and install this EAP build and let us know what you think: we are working hard to get TeamCity 9.1. released soon and your feedback in our forum or in the issue tracker is as valuable as ever!

Like any EAP, this build is not intended for production, so make sure you install it on a trial server, because it changes the data format.

We’ll be releasing TeamCity 9.1 soon, so stay tuned!

Happy building!

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