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TeamCity 9.1.2 is here


Greetings, everyone!

Today we’re announcing the arrival of TeamCity 9.1.2, a bugfix to the latest TeamCity version.

Build 37168 addresses over 100 problems, and we are thankful to our careful users for reporting issues and helping us make TeamCity better.

The problem with updating Subversion VCS roots containing parameters, which surfaced after upgrade to TeamCity 9.1.1, has been resolved. There are also several important security-related fixes.

This version also includes updates to the bundled tools, and now TeamCity comes with:
– ReSharper command line tools 9.2
– Visual Studio Addin Web installer from R# Ultimate 9.2 release
– dotCover 3.2.

See the full list of fixed issues in our release notes, download the new build and don’t hesitate to upgrade: this release does not change the data structure, so you can roll back to one of the 9.1. versions easily if required.

Oh, and by the way now TeamCity features new build status icons (.png and .svg) available via a REST API request:

statusIcon (1)



May you have successful builds only and Happy building!

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