Bugfix FYI Releases

TeamCity 10.0.3 has arrived

Greetings, everyone!

We are happy to announce the arrival of TeamCity 10.0.3 (build #42434), a bugfix release containing over 200 improvements.

We’ll mention a few of them:

– We added a filter by agent pool to the build time report (this can help you analyze which project or build configuration consumes most of the pool resources)

– If you want to experiment with project settings in Kotlin-based DSL, you can now do it without disabling the UI: use the Actions menu in the project administration area to download the settings in this format as a .zip archive and use them in your sandbox

– TeamCity now properly detects Visual Studio 15 and Java 9 on agents

– We finally open-sourced the Dockerfiles used to prepare TeamCity server and agent images (see TW-46505 for details)

This version introduces a number of performance and security fixes, so it is recommended you upgrade your TeamCity to the latest version.

The full list of fixes is available in our Release notes.

Check the upgrade notes and download the latest version: as usual, all the 10.0.x builds use the same data format, so you can downgrade any time you like.

Happy building!

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